Charles Scott

Charles Scott BeforeFrom the time he was 7 or 8 years old, Charles Scott had weight problems. Life as “the big guy” in middle school and high school was tough. “All of the kids tease you,” Charles said. “Walking on the side of the road, people holler stuff at you. It is not pleasant.”

Charles dieted on and off for 30 years or so. He would lose 70 or 80 pounds, gain it back, lose 100 pounds, gain it back, but he never got to a “normal” weight. When his daughter was five years old, he thought about the health problems he was facing. He had back pain, arthritis in his knees, high blood pressure…and he realized that he had to do something to get healthy or his daughter would grow up without a dad.

Charles didn’t think he could lose the weight on his own and assumed he would need to undergo gastric bypass surgery.


He researched the risks of surgery and decided he would do that if he had to, but also realized that he wanted to give it one more try on his own. About that time, Charles saw an article about a program at the Methodist Hospital and got started on their medically supervised fasting program. He followed the 12 week liquid diet and lost about 65 or 70 pounds in those first 12 weeks. Although he could have continued the program fasting, he knew that he had to learn to lose weight and control food intake on his own.

Charles started working out after those first 12 weeks on the medical fasting program. He joined Bally’s gym and began swimming and jogging in the pool. Water took the pressure of the weight off of his knees, allowing him to do things he wouldn’t have been able to do out of the water. He realized that he did not really know much about exercise fitness, but he really could not afford to hire a trainer to teach him. Charles got down to about 360 pounds when he met Austin.

charles_afterAustin had gone to talk to the weight management group at Methodist in which Charles participated. When Austin asked him how much he lost, Charles responded that he had lost 200 pounds. Austin attempted to clarify his question, asking Charles, “How much have you lost, not how much do you weigh.” They talked that day, and Austin told Charles that he didn’t want to be his trainer, but he would be his workout partner. To repay him, Austin only asked that Charles find two people to support in their weight loss journey in the future. “That is the mark of a good person,” Charles stated, “and I knew I wanted to associate with him.”

Weighing in at 204 pounds now, Charles says that he would like to get to 199, just for vanity’s sake. He hopes to pack on some more muscle, and is also hoping to have the extra abdominal skin he has removed. He feels fantastic, and is glad to have some anonymity. He has also gained a real understanding of the importance of exercise and diet. “Having Austin take me on as a workout partner really changed my life. He showed me a lot about myself and what it takes to have a lifetime of fitness. I’ve gained habits that will help me for a lifetime, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for Austin and all he did to help me along the way.”