Hiring Austin Davis to Speak is really very easy---
Here's the procedure:

Step 1 - Relax! You've made a great choice! It is Austin’s job to Entertain, Educate and Motivate to change. He has successfully performed thousands of times in endlessly varied formats to every type of group, corporation and organization imaginable and will make your function a hit--no worries!
Step 2 - Take a few minutes and pick out the topic you want to focus on...weight loss, fitness and/or wellness. Austin provides over 25 years of professional speaking experience on a wide variety of topics.  He can custom blend a topic of what is needed for success at your function.
Step 3 - Determine the Date, time and logistic details of the talk. Is the room available and is everyone good with the tentative date you want to host the Seminar? If so, Step 4 is for you!
Step 4 - Contact Austin at 713-772-7463, or click here to email him personally for availability and pricing.
Step 5 - Austin will email, mail, or fax you a simple contract in plain language to make the details clear and easy for everyone.
Step 6 – Breathe and relax, because that is all there is to it…