Happy Indian Club Customer

This is an actual letter from another happy customer, commenting on the Fit and Funny Indian Swing Club DVD...
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In 2007 I got a pair of (Brand X) clubs and Dr. (X) DVD. I wanted to get into Indian clubs then but he taught too fast, you couldn't skip chapters on his DVD and he mostly showed off his high skill moves.

So a few months ago I forced myself to slow down his DVD and try to learn his moves. And slowly I got a majority of his moves down.

I found revolution clubs and liked the look of your clubs, more Persian like, more able to stand and not flop down. So I bought set with your DVD.

Everything you said about the clubs was right. The center of gravity is at the end and that helps the movements, the baton handle feels great to grip. So now I feel sad that your clubs are being discontinued. (Revolution has other high quality clubs and, as I explain on the DVD, so does Ebay from time to time)

Your DVD I also enjoyed. I can skip chapters to the next exercise, you taught the moves in an easy to understand way, and your movements were slow and easy to follow.

Once you explained how inner and out circles have a little loop, I started to get it. I used your 2lb club, got the moves right and had so much fun I was doing 40 repetitions each arm.

So I hope you put some clips on you tube to show people your DVD and get people to buy your clubs. (Great idea!  I will get to work on it...)

I enjoyed your DVD so much I won't even complain about the lighting. (Working to make each DVD a little better than the last, so thanks for the feedback.)

I do think you went over the combo moves at the end too fast but I'll get it eventually. (Good advice again.  Thanks!)

PS I'll re watch but I don't think you showed the figure eight. I haven't mastered that one yet. Or the chest opener - basically a scissors motion with the arms and slightly bent over.

(real customer comments Dec 2009)